Class of 1959

We, the Class of 1959, celebrated our 50th class reunion on April 24 and 25, 2009. This blog is about sharing memories of our class reunions and a long ago life at our Alma Mater's, S.F.X.A. and S.A.H.S. Good memories of days gone by but not forgotten! A gift to my classmates. ~Marian Love Phillips ~

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chevy '57 '58 & '59

Hi Classmates!  Here’s a look at the New 789 Chevy!”

I thought you might enjoy looking at this unusual Chevy.  It's a '57, '58 &'59 Chevy All Rolled Into One!  This car was built by N2A motors (No Two Alike). 

          Unbelievable! The company is planning a production run of about 100 vehicles. It sits on a Corvette C6 chassis, front styled like a 57 Chevy, side like a 58, rear like a 59. Hence the designation, "789."

Is this is a great looking car, or What !!! 

You probably need to be at least 60 or 70 years old to really appreciate this!


Anonymous said...

This is an absolutely awesome looking car....

Marian Love Phillips said...

Yes, it is and I wished I had one! Brings back a lot of good memories! Thanks for your comment and for coming by to visit me!

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