Class of 1959

We, the Class of 1959, celebrated our 50th class reunion on April 24 and 25, 2009. This blog is about sharing memories of our class reunions and a long ago life at our Alma Mater's, S.F.X.A. and S.A.H.S. Good memories of days gone by but not forgotten! A gift to my classmates. ~Marian Love Phillips ~

Friday, October 31, 2008


The Seniors of 1957 wish to extend their heart-felt welcome to you, the Freshmen of 1957. We know we'll like you and we hope you'll like us and everything about high school. As long as you remember that you're Freshmen and we're Seniors, we'll never stop loving you. Let's make next year a year we'll never forget! Good Luck, Freshmen!!!!!!! (Taken from 1956 Maryon)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Class of '60

My goodness, how time does pass!! Why hours have gone by since I started snooping into the files of the class of '60. Now it wouldn't be fair to drag all the skeletons out of the closets, would it? So, I'll just let you know something new (and maybe, nice) about a few of my fellow classmates.

Mary Bea Brunini will be glad to learn that Tessie never repeats anything she asks her not to.

Pat Murphy is just practically growling at a boy, that a few months ago she idolized. (G.M.!)

Mildred Quarles' dancing is improving well. She's got a couple of solos in her next revue.

There's a certain some one Cecelia Varner is very very much interested in. The rest of us haven't met him yet. (Vernot R.)

I hear An Hardin is having a little trouble in getting her big brother to write her. (Looks as if a certain Junior isn't though.

A few weeks ago Agnes B. and I went out for the same boy. The results....neither of us got him. (Jon H.)

Pam M's heart goes hopping about every time she lays her eye on a certain Freshman boy. Hint - There's a new song with his name in the title. "......, My Love."

Carolyn D., Jane C., Jackie A. seemed to have hitched a few Carr Central Hi boys, the last I heard. Fred C., Buck S., and Charles G.

We are not without talent in our class, and Ann Freutel is no exception. Her voice improves everyday.

Our dear Sister Ethelbert is just about the same as usual, a mixture of trying real hard to teach us, and not succeeding!!!

That's about all from my big corner of the window. See ya!!! (Written by Doris Hoseman) (Taken from 1956 Maryon)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Tale of a Kite

One bright morning Kay and I went to a kite flying contest, held by the C.Y.O. It was held on a high hill which caught the breeze just right. There were a lot of people there. I heard names like Delia, Joe, Carol, Roy, Bobby, Shirley, and Pam! Kay then attempted to fly me, but I was so interested in all the people and my surroundings, that I'd fly a few feet up and then I'd come down. They say curiosity killed the cat. It's a wonder that it didn't tear me up. Kay finally got the help of some insect named mo-skeeter and he decided to give the girl a break. I calmly glided up. But as much as I like to fly, my curiosity got the better of me and down I came again. It was really pitiful to see how hard Kay was trying to keep me up. But I have a will of my own. Just as I touched the ground, I saw a boy in brown pants, a red and blue checked shirt, and red curls lass by a group of Freshmen, who turned a funny color. I won't mention any names. All of a sudden someone screamed, "String," You see, this was a race and it seemed to be close between Mary and Betty Rose on one kite, and Perry Hale on another. In the process of adding more string to me, I accidentally got away from Kay and that nice boy Joe Loviza caught me. (Thanks Joe) I really just wanted to give Kay a scare. Then the news came. Mary and Rose had won. Of course everyone was happy. Even Perry took it like a MAN. The Freshmen thought that they needed some exercise, so Jackie, Theresa, Kay, Myrtle, Ina, Marlene, and Vera went for a walk. They came upon an old shack that some people believed was haunted. Ina then got them into a frightened mood by relating the of the story of the black woman who had once lived there and what had finally happened to her. Jackie and Kay were the first to enter the old house. The place was very weird with cobwebs hanging from the ceiling, broken furniture strewn about, and a terrible musty odor. With the tale of the poor woman still fresh in their minds they walked into another room. Out of nowhere jumped two characters who scared them to death. After they had gathered their wits together, they realized that it was only George and Wayne, two of the boys. After exploring the house everyone decided that it was getting late, and that they must go home. All this time I was tied to an old cannon! Imagine the nerve of that old girl. So when she came back, after having all the fun, to untie me, I gave the string to good tug and off I sailed into the wide, blue, yonder. After I had done it, I was sorry, but it was too late then, and beside that, she probably would never have flown me again. In my haste to get away, she caught my tail and held fast, so I had to leave it behind. Kay and Jackie both trudged home, each with the happy memories of that day of kite flying. And among Kay's keepsakes, if you should chance to look, you would find the Tail of a kite. Written by Kay Hess (Taken from 1956 Maryon)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

High School

Just think eighth grade, high school next year. Wonder what it will be like, to be a Freshman, I mean! Wonder who will be on the basketball team? Who will be the class officers? No one knows. But most of all, what will it be like to change from elementary to books like Latin and Algebra? Who will graduate from high school with us? Who will be the Fresh reporters? What will it be like to have more than one teacher, instead of just one? Who will be the Knight in Shinning Armor??? These are a lot of questions, I know, but this might give you an idea of what goes through an eighth grader's mind about this time of the year. (Written by Carolyn Davis) (Taken from 1956 Maryon)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Students Sophomore

S - is for the subjects that we rack our brains about...
T - is for the teachers whose patience we can't doubt...
U - is for us who carry all news
D - is for those dog days that
E - is for the effort that's so hard to give each day...
N - is for the "Nothing" that we always seem to say...
T - is for the talking that we just can't do without...
S - ends up our story: That's what it's all about...

S - is for the Sophomores, the class we boast about...
O - is for the oneness that a school can't do without...
P - is for the patience that our teachers spend each day...
H - is for the hours that we love to waste away...
O - again for (h) 'onesty in all the things we do...
M - is for our Maryon and all our classmates too...
O - is for ourselves and the goal we set to gain...
R - is for the readiness that's ours to attain...
E - is just for everything that makes a Sophomore tick...

All the work and all the fun that cancels out...The kicks!!

Glenda Betts (Taken from 1956 Maryon)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

SAHS Class of 2009

St. Aloysius High School
Class 2009
Hannah Barrett
Bobby Battalio
Linsey Blackledge
Price Blagg
Collins Bove'
Joseph Brown
Landon Case
Rodrick Cauthen
Jenna Cialone
Rachel Clarke
Richard Cowart
Lauren Curtis
Haley Davis
Kourtney Dorbeck
Jeremy Falls
Brooke Federick
Katie Floyd
Emily Fordice
Sarah Franco
Nikeshia Green
Daniela Haddar
Mary Margaret Halford
Jay Harper
Taylor Henry
Olivia Hogan
Justin Hosemann
Haleigh Huddleston
John Ingram
Corey Jones
Katie Koestler
Alex Lanier
Cully Leist
Chris Lewis
John Lindigrin
Sara Marcus
Charles Marsalis
Timmy Marshall
Nicholas Mason
Stephen Mazzanti
Scott McCaa
Chandler Mims
Kristan Murphy
Catelyn Park
Jay Parker
James Penley
Claire Reid
Aden Rials
Tessa Scandizzo
Calli Stuckey
Richard Thomas
Adam Thornton
Morgan Tidwell
Jessica Walsh
Sean Wever
Cole Whitney
Lauren Wiles

Saturday, October 25, 2008

50 Year Graduates

St. Aloysius High School
St. Francis Xavier Academy
Classes of 1959
William "Bill" Adams
Myrtle Loviza Alvarado
John "Jack" Baker
Rosalye Wilkerson Baldwin
Paul Booth
Florence Murphy Boren
Vera Marshall Brown
Marlene Wilson Caston
Billie Price Clarke
+Franklin Crevitt
Jackie Melsheimer Doiron
Phillip L. Doiron
George Evans
Wayne M. Evans
Antionette Sheehan Flynn
Sue McNamara Fowler
Edward "Ed" Habert
John A. Hennessey
+Lynn Stegall Hauserman
Theresa Martin Kitowski
+Patricia McNamara LeBlanc
+Joseph Lindigrin
Walter Little
Louis "Sonny" Logue
+Jackie Mackey
Margaret Mary Sheehan McCarthy
Loren Miller
Marian Love Phillips
Kay Hess Simms
Albert "Mickey" Sullivan
Gordon Sutton
Bonnie Claire Smith Terry
+Margaret McCormack Tice
Katherine Meyer Turcotte
Roy "Skeeter" Turcotte
Ina Lott Whittington
Robert "Bob" Witty
Marie Braun Yowan

Friday, October 24, 2008

The 2008 Homecoming Football Game

Jenna Cialone, 18, the daughter of Alan and Mary Cialone, is crowned the 2008 St. Aloysius High School homecoming queen by the 2007 queen, Kayla Childress, 19, a freshman biological sciences major at Mississippi State University, Friday night.
(Photo by Katie Carter ~ The Vicksburg Post)

2008 Homecoming Queen

Myself, Marian Love Phillips, my husband, Robert "Bob" Phillips, center, Myrtle Loviza Alvarado and top row Vera Marshall Brown and her husband, George. (Picture taken by Bobby Alvarado)

The Homecoming Court at halftime.

Robert "Bobby" Alvarado and his wife, Myrtle Loviza Alvarado. Vera and George Brown in the background.

The Flashettes Cheerleaders.

Getting ready to make a play.

Vera Marshall Brown and husband,
George enjoying the football game.

The Flashes getting ready to start the
football game against West Lincoln.

~Louis Logue and his wife Wanda were at the game also but did not get a picture of them. They sat in another location. Billie Price Clarke was going to join us and leave at halftime but did not see her. St. Aloysius won their Homecoming Football game against West Lincoln, 35-14! Way to go Flashes!!

The Reception

Myself, Marian Love Phillips with husband Robert "Bob" Phillips.

Vera Marshall Brown, her husband, George Brown and
my husband Bob Phillips.

Rev. Gerald Hurley and Vera Marshall Brown.

Left to right, Ina Lott Whittington, Katlin Jones, Rev. Alfred Camp, Mike Jones and Vera Marshall Brown.

Msgr. Patrick Farrell with Louis Logue.
Lynne Abraham, who works at St. Al and St. Frances with the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs, will be helping us coordinate plans for our 50th Class Reunion next April 2009.
Lynne Abraham
Vicksburg Catholic School
St. Francis Xavier Elementary
St. Aloysius High School
Office of Development and Alumni Affairs

The 2008 Homecoming Liturgy

The Vicksburg Catholic School 2008 Homecoming Mass was held this morning in the St. Aloysius Gym. Rev. Alfred Camp was the Celebrant and Con celebrants were Rev. P. J. Curley, Mgsr Patrick Farrell, Rev. Gerald Hurley and Rev. Malcolm O'Leary.

Before Mass started we had a couple of pictures taken. On the front row left to right Myrtle Loviza Alvarado, Vera Marshall Brown, Vera's husband, George, Ina Lott Whittington, Bob Phillips, Marians husband, myself, Marian Love Phillips, Katherine Meyer Turcotte, Billie Price Clarke and Jackie Melsheimer Doiron.

On the second row is Louis Logue and his wife Wanda.
Seated next to them are Shirley and George Resch.

Vera Marshall Brown giving our Class of 1959 Testimonial.

~Priest, Faculty and Students - The Class of 1959 are appreciative for the invitation to help celebrate the Mass and Homecoming Festivities with you. We will treasure all our lifetime the values instilled in our Class of 1959 by the Sisters of Mercy and the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. We're witnesses to the truth of what we learned back then: that you never have to choose between academic enrichment and moral or spiritual development. From our entire class there is evidence of both our academic and spiritual development in our professions and in our family life. We have doctors, nurses, medical technologist, lawyers, accountants, business owners, computer specialist, real estate agents, government workers, secretaries, and, yes, deer hunters. And we were taught to serve with love. Our retired classmates volunteer - - tutoring, sewing, building houses, and visiting the ill and home bound. Many are family people, parents, and grandparents who pass on not only respect for learning but the spiritual values instilled in us. Our grandchildren uphold those same values. Many of us serve our own churches; some as lectors and commentators, and Eucharistic Ministers. Some sing in Church choirs.

Our class is unique for having been together all our high-school years, and we still laugh together, cry together, play together, and pray together. We "girls" are in the same sorority, and our classmates who do not live in Vicksburg still keep in touch with many of us, who pass along the news.

Some of our class were taught by the Sisters and Brothers even past graduation from high-school. I had the distinction of being in a Catholic environment for 16 years - - 12 years at St. Francis Xavier, then in Nurses' Training at Mercy Hospital School of Nursing. When I furthered my training in New Orleans, I learned with the Daughters of Charity at DePaul's Psychiatric Hospital.

So, through real life experience, we learned something more important than how statistics show Catholic education to be effective and rewarding. We learned a moral and spiritual formation which can only happen in an academic environment shaped by Faith. Receiving a Catholic education gives us, and you, freedom to talk about God and about human destiny. We were taught the truth about what is ultimately important. And we don't forget it easily.

We received superior academic foundation in a safe surrounding where qualified, dedicated teachers taught and modeled moral and spiritual values, like respect for life, compassion, and the essential basis of everything - - a close relationship with Christ. ~

Priest altogether before Mass ended.

After Mass and before the reception we had our picture taken by George Brown, Vera's husband. Standing left to right, Louis Logue, Vera Marshall Brown, Jackie Melsheimer Doiron, Katherine Meyer Turcotte, Myrtle Loviza Alvarado, Billie Price Clarke, Ina Lott Whittington and myself, Marian Love Phillips.

Kevin Mahoney, Class of 1984, celebrating 25 years graduating from St. Aloysius, commented to Vera after the Mass. He said he really enjoyed her presentation (about the nuns, school, church, morals, etc.), and it made quite an impression on him and had heard this all his life from his mother, Annie Mae Mahoney, that it finally all hit home. Some students even came up to Vera and told her what a good job she had done on our Testimonial.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It Rained On Our Parade!

Myrtle Loviza Alvarado, Ina Lott Whittington, Vera Marshall Brown and myself, Marian Love Phillips got to St. Aloysius and put our football jersey on and left to go over to Belmont St. for the lineup of the parade. We decided to go ahead and take a couple of pictures while waiting on Jackie Melsheimer Doiron. As soon as Jackie came, the bottom fell out but we manage to take a couple of pictures right away. It was not long after the pictures were taken that they called the parade off. It was fun anyway! We did get to decorate my truck and visit. Tomorrow we will go to Mass at St. Aloysius Gym and then to a reception. Later that evening we will be recognized at halftime at the St. Aloysius Homecomng Football game. Will try and post pictures of both events here.
Thanks to Bobby Alvarado for taking the first two pictures and for Lynne Abraham for the last two.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Night To Remember

April 18, 1956. I was in a neat play entitled, "Strictly Normal." Of course, you probably didn't notice me. (But I noticed you!) I was one of the beautiful red roses on the trellis. Before the play started, one of those Sisters kept talking about some live flowers, (as if I wasn't alive!!!) Then she was going to take me off the stage. But she never did. I guess she had to get her Latin, and didn't have time. Here she come now. Thanks very much, Vera. Now I will be the great star. My Vera, you look beautiful wearing that pink suit. It certainly is becoming to you. Here comes some more people I know. Theresa and Marie B. Isn't that a darling dress Marie is wearing? It is turquoise and white. Dig that real full skirt. Who's that boy she is talking to? Oh, it's Charles Wilkerson. Here comes Theresa M. in a cute black tweed suit. There's Kay, Jackie and Pat McN. Don't they look darling? Who's that making all that noise? Oh, just a bunch of Freshmen, trying to decide where to sit. Tim V. certainly is having a time with them. Well!! At last they've sat down. Oh no! They're moving again! Peace and quite once more!! Who is that coming?? Oh, just Katherine M., Myrtle, and Ina. Who are those boys? Sketter T. and Gordon S. Look who they are talking to! Guy B., Joe L., David E., George E., and Robert Witty. Why here comes Patsy, Rosalee and Totty!!! Who are they stopping to talk to? Oh boys!!! I should have know it!! It seems they can't find a place to sit. "Robert, why don't you sit there?? Can't those Juniors sit somewhere else?" Well, that old reserved seats sign didn't stay there long!! Look who took it!! Grove S., Eddie H., and Michael H. I should've known. Margaret and Sue are talking about some boys, wonder who? (as if I didn't know) Doesn't Florence look cute. There is Bonnie and Marian with her. Oh! The lights are going off!! Now the play is starting! The curtain is fixing to go up! Sister! What are you doing? You can't take me off of the stage!! Oh, no!! Now I can't be a star! Oh well, maybe the Juniors will have a great play next year, and use me. Good bye till next year! See you then!!! (I hope!!!!) THE RED ROSE (Taken from the 1956 Maryon)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heap Big Sunburn

"Yipes! don't touch me," is an echo which is resounded through out the halls by five particular Junior girls! At first thought them to be five little Indians joining that happy class, but now we see that they are only Judy, Janice, Rose, Shirley, and Joyce back from their outing to the Sandbar. It has been reported that they had a glorious time but they are just slightly sick. (Taken from the 1956 Maryon)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Believe It Or Not!!

Five girls and two boys took a mysterious trip on Ascension Thursday, and discovered a movie set being built!! This movie set was supposed to be highly secret and the producer didn't want any one to know that a part of "Rain Tree County" (title of the show) was being filmed in Mississippi! The stars in the movie are Liz Taylor and Monty Cliff!! The show is something like "Gone With the Wind." You will be looking for it in about a year! Don't try to look for the place, because only seven know, and they will never tell!! (Taken from 1956 Maryon)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Neil's Open House

On Sunday night, April 29, a big party was thrown by Neil O'Neill at his home on Clay Street! Everybody was invited and everybody showed up! Neil has plenty of cokes and cookies on hand for his guests which were enjoyed very much. The highlight of the night was a big two truck collision right directly in front of the O'Neill home. This caused plenty of excitement for awhile! Finally peace was restored and the party continued. An enjoyable time was had by all!!! (Taken from the 1956 Maryon)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Classics in the Courtyard

(I attended the Classics in the Courtyard yesterday at noon with my girlfriend, Sherill, and we had a wonderful lunch and enjoyed the music. We were sitting at a table to the left side and blocked from view by the entertainer. Every time I go to my alma mater and walk around, I have a flood of wonderful good memories. Below is an article taken from The Vicksburg Post about the event.)
Streaks of sunshine broke through the skies on an overcast, 70-degree Friday afternoon, providing a picturesque autumn atmosphere for the roughly 150 people who attended the opening date of Classics in the Courtyard, a lunchtime concert series produced by the Southern Cultural Heritage Center.

“This is just wonderful. The music is beautiful, and it fits in perfectly with the courtyard setting,” said Vicksburg resident Karen Kirk, who attended with Mark Jones. “We’ve already made reservations for the rest of the season.”

Kirk and Jones are not the only ones who have made reservations for the remaining four weeks of the series, which is being held in the courtyard of the historic SCHC complex, located on an entire city block bounded by Adams, Crawford, Clay and Cherry streets. SCHC Executive Director Annette Kirklin said the community response has been overwhelming.

“The community has just embraced this. They’re really excited to have an event like this in Vicksburg,” said Kirklin. “It’s a great way for people to start the weekend.”

Nicholas and Julia Blake entertained the crowd Friday with traditional American and Celtic songs. The Ware House Sports Bar & Grill provided lunch to 100 people, while others brought their own food or simply enjoyed the music. Each week of the series will feature different caterers and entertainers. Lunch is $7 with a reservation, however, the event is free for those who bring their own lunches or just want to take in the hour-long concerts.

Kirklin said she had a feeling the series would be popular when she announced it a month ago, however, she said she was astounded with how quickly the reservations came pouring in over the days leading up to the first concert.“We had about 75 reservations by Wednesday afternoon, at which point I contacted the caterer to find out how many lunches they could provide. We set the cut off point at 100, and 20 minutes later I had to call them up to say we had hit the limit,” she said.

“We already have about 40 reservations for the next few weeks, so if people want to make sure they can get a lunch they should make a reservation as soon as possible.”

Utica-resident Don Price, who happened to be in Vicksburg for an appointment Friday afternoon, said he was very impressed with the event and was glad he came into town early to catch lunch at the courtyard.“

I just love it. It’s a great idea,” he said. “The setting and music are beautiful. I just wish they did this kind of thing more often.”

The various buildings comprising the SCHC are on the National Register of Historic Places, and serve as the venues for a wide variety of events offered by the Southern Cultural Heritage Foundation, including culinary classes, art seminars, workshops and guest speakers.

What-Ya Say with Al & Kay

Junior-Senior Banquet
Leaving the cafeteria after all finishing touches were made, the Juniors dashed away in their ruffled uniforms and returned in their fluffy petticoats, dainty dresses, and lacy earrings to greet their most welcomed guest, The Senior Class. The girls, hopping into their canoes, were quickly carried away to an old fashioned Indian feast. The Juniors toasted the Seniors by relating many pleasant memories and friends. Back into their canoes again, they sailed through the past and future of happy days gone by and many surprising ones for the future. The feast could not have been so perfect without the help of the Junior mothers who received a glowing tribute for their accomplishment. The banquet would not have been complete without the faculty. With out them, you could never recall those never-to-be-forgotten days. For this occasion, the girls were joined by Father Tormey, a former teacher who came from Jackson to be present. We will never forget him, his encouragement, his vitality! The theme was beautifully carried out with class colors and canoe flower arrangements and scene.
The Junior Class wish to express their best wishes to the Seniors and hope that every dinner of theirs in the future will be a banquet as happy as ours!!! (Taken from 1956 Maryon)

Thursday, October 16, 2008


DATE: April 26, 1956
TIME: 4:30 P.M.
PLACE: 120 McAuley Drive
SCENE: The Den
CHARACTERS: Kay, Alice, Zita, Judy, Linda Mel., Frances S., Rose, Janice, O.L., Neil O'N.
KAY: Wonder what's taking them so long, Oscar Luke S.??
O.L.: They'll be here in a sec!!
VOICES: Happy Birthday Kay!!!!
KAY: You don't say!! Mercy!!
(?): Here are your presents!!!!!
Now can't we please eat????

(Taken from 1956 Maryon)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


On Sunday, April 15, a most, delightful surprise party was held for Linda Reese at the K of C home. When we say surprise, we mean surprise!!!! The guest were dressed in silk, and the honoree arrived in jeans! Linda received many lovely gifts. An enjoyable time was had by all the guests. Those present were as follows: Linda Melsheimer, Judy H., Alice G., Frances S., Joyce W., Rose S., Theresa C., Zita L., Lou B., Betty Mc., Carl S., Patty R. and the girls' dates. (Oh, don't forget those days in uniform!!!!) (Taken from 1956 Maryon)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fashion Notes by Al & Kay

Spring....the time when all young girl's fancies turn to cute clothes!! All colors and types are worn by the stylish girls from S.F.X.A. this Spring. One of the latest styles, is the new Oriental dress!! Doing justice to this type of dress on Easter Sunday, were Katherine, Jayne, and Theresa!! All of them set their outfits off perfectly with the newest thing in shoes. Each looked as if she had just stepped out of "Vogue".

On the night of the Senior Play, Jackie Mel. stopped traffic in her white suit, with light blue accessories. A classmate of hers, Myrtle, had on a red and blue plaid dress which stood out in the crowd. Pam G. looked like a doll in her aqua dress!! Setting off her outfit was a rhinestone band around her pony tail!!! Judy H. looked quite stylish in her pink plaid sheath dress! Judy was sporting her new glasses that night also!!! Francis S. had on a darling blue dress for the occasion!! This had people turning around to look twice! Walking not too far behind her was another Frances. This cute Sophomore was sporting an adorable pink cotten dress with matching accessories.

On the night of the Junior-Senior Banquet, Mary C. looked simply adorable in a new blue dress with a white and blue embroidered top to match. Shirley F. patronized the Flashes, with little purple shoes and an orchid setting off her flowered dress of yellow. Josephine Nohra stole the show when she walked up in her brown lace covered taffeta dress to read her inheritance. Our toast mistress for the night, Mae Farish, looked like a fresh daisy in the yellow cotten dress she wore. Rose S. was very proud of the real cute brown sheath dress with the big white collar. Rose created the creation herself!! Dooley Bell appeared in a full skirted brown and white checked dress!!!

Well, I could continue for 9 or 10 more pages about all of the precious clothes the girls have, been wearing this season, but a lack of space prevents it. See ya next fall!!!!!! (Taken from the May 1956 Maryon)

Monday, October 13, 2008

More Congratulations

Two Juniors are very proud of the two out-standing girls who were chosen to represent our school at Girl's State. These girls are Pat Booth and Joyce Melsheimer!! We know that they will do well and have fun. Good Luck, Girls! (Taken from the May 1956 Maryon)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

In Appreciation!

We want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and heartfelt thanks to our beloved principal, Sister Mary Callista, for opening the Coca Cola Machine on Sunday, May 20, 1956. By doing this she enabled a group of very thirsty Juniors and Seniors to enjoy this thirst quenching liquid to the utmost!! We shall never forget this act of kindness as long as we live!! (Taken from the 1956 Maryon)

Friday, October 10, 2008


The annual Kiwanis award, judged on traits of leadership, scholarship, persistent application, loyalty, and service, goes to Mary Bea Brunini and Mary Campbell. We would like to say that both girls are equally deserving of this honor, as shown by the votes, which were tied.

Congratulations are also in store for Miss Shirley Habeeb. Shirley is the proud winner of the English Award. Congratulations, Shirley. We know you deserved it. (Taken from the 1956 Maryon)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thank You

We wish to thank Sister Mary Elise for the time she spent with us proofreading and making suggestions. Without her help we doubt that this issue of the Maryon would be readable! (Taken from the 1956 Maryon)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Welcome Back

Miss Dooley Bell, one of the liveliest and most popular Juniors departed from that class for an eye operation the first part of April.

The Juniors, as well as the rest of the students and faculty wish to express how happy they were at the success of the operation, and how glad they are to have her return for the last busy days of school. (Taken from the 1956 Maryon)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Homecoming Mass Invitation For Class of 1959

(Click to enlarge)

C. Bee A. Contest

General News by Zita Long and Linda Jones
On Saturday, April 21, members of the Junior and Senior classes attended the State Catholic Business Education Contest held in Jackson at St. Joseph's High School
Congratulations to Mary Pat Booth who won the first place trophy for spelling, and placed second in Shorthand. To Joyce Melsheimer, who placed third in Business Law; to Linda Jones, who placed second in Shorthand I; and to Mary Bea Brunini, who placed third in Shorthand II and fifth in Business Law.
We are especially proud of the places won by many of the girls of both classes in Catholic views which helped S.F.X.A. place second in the entire contest. (Taken from the 1956 Maryon)

Monday, October 06, 2008


THANKS: We the "Blue Streaks" would like to take this opportunity to thank Sister Ethlebert for her guidance, helpfulness and generosity. But most of all, thanks to Joyce for being such a wonderful coach!! We'll always remember you, Joyce, your loving ways, and most of all for your outstanding personality!! May God Bless you Always!! (Taken from the 1956 Maryon)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sportsmanship Trophy

Do you know what it means to receive the Sportsmanship Trophy? In case you didn't here are a few hints. She is a person who is willing to win as well as to lose. One who is very cooperative with the coach, teachers and especially with her teammates and class. Other qualities are dependability and loyalty. Yes, it take a lot, but I'm sure that it wasn't very hard for this girl. Do you know who this person is? It could be no other than Miss Delia Durst!!

The Maryon Staff would like to extend our congratulations to you, Delia, and we hope that you will be as successful in your future life as you were in your school life. (Taken from the 1956 Mayron)

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Yes, that is what goes to the Tennis Team of '56. As you all know, this team includes:

Mixed Doubles - Billy Howell and Shirley Farish
Girls Doubles - Kay Stewart and Catherine Meyer
Boys Doubles - Tim Vollor and Frank McLesky
Girls Singles - Mary Campbell
Boys Singles - George Evans

Even though the team didn't reach to the finals of the District Tournament in Jackson, on May 3, they did an excellent job for their first year. Maybe next year they will be as good as "Little Moe"!!!! The team would like to give our thanks to the person who organized the team, Joyce Jamison. What she has done for us during the past year cannot fully be explained in words. Here's hoping that next years coach will measure up to this years. So thanks.........
(Taken from the 1956 Maryon)

Friday, October 03, 2008

From The Sodality Page

Each year a Senior girl gets the honor of crowning the Blessed Virgin in the May procession. This year Janice Jabour crowns Her, and Josephine Norah is her Maid of Honor. Congratulations, girls, and God bless you! (Taken from the 1956 Maryon)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

From The Sodality Page

The high school Sodality held a crowing of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Sunday, May 20, at 1:30, in the convent chapel. Delia Durst, Sodality Prefect, crowned Our Lady, and Betty McIntyre, Chairman of Our Lady's Committee carried the Queen's crown in the beautiful and very impressive ceremony. All Sodalists took part as attendants in this salute to our beloved patroness.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

From The Sodality Page

The Saint Francis Xavier Academy High School Sodality and the Saint Aloysius Confraternity held several meetings in the O'Beirne Gymnasium this year. These meetings were to discuss the qualities and virtues that are expected in a good Christian boy or girl.

Several boys made speeches on what qualities and virtues they expected in a girl. Among those making speeches were Teddy Marshall, Ray Terry, Perry Hale, and Jesse Jones. The girls were not left out as we had several comments as to what qualities and virtues we expect in a good Christian boy. Among the girls to speak were Delia Durst, Zita Long, and Mary Campbell.

All of these meetings prove to be a big help and we want to thank Brother Berchman for his co-operation and guidance.
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