Class of 1959

We, the Class of 1959, celebrated our 50th class reunion on April 24 and 25, 2009. This blog is about sharing memories of our class reunions and a long ago life at our Alma Mater's, S.F.X.A. and S.A.H.S. Good memories of days gone by but not forgotten! A gift to my classmates. ~Marian Love Phillips ~

Monday, March 31, 2008

SAHS Class of 1959-Phillip

~Phillip Logue Doiron~
After graduation Phillip served in the U.S. Marine Corps in the early 1960's. He married Jackie Melsheimer (Class of 1959) and with that union, they had three children. Phillip retired from U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station (WES) in 1997, where he was an Operations Research Analyst. He worked for a consultant firm in Vicksburg until 2005 when he took another job and moved to Anniston, AL. Phillip has a BS in Mathematics and an MS in Computer Science. He is presently working as an emergency planner and a homeland security specialist. He purchased a home in Weaver, AL and has enjoyed this beautiful area by going camping, hiking, canoeing, and bike riding. Phillip has also been blessed with 6 grandchildren.
Phillips resides in Weaver, AL.

Phillip Logue Doiron Sr., 72, died Thursday, July 4th, 2014. Born in Vicksburg, Miss. he was the son of Jules Warren Doiron, Sr. and May Frances Logue Doiron. He grew up in Vicksburg, graduating from St. Aloysius High School in 1959. He was of Catholic faith. After serving in the United States Marine Corp, he received a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from Mississippi College and a Master's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Southwestern Louisiana. Phillip worked for Waterways Experiment Station in the Environmental Lab until his retirement in 1996. After retirement, he continued his career in the private sector until his final retirement in 2012. He lived most of his life in Vicksburg, Miss. where he was involved with the American Red Cross and the Vicksburg Soccer Organization. Weaver, Alabama was his home the last 7 years where he enjoyed canoeing, hiking, RV camping and being a member of the Cheaha RV & Camping Club and the Alabama Good Sams Organization. Other hobbies included antique train collecting and Civil War history. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by a niece, Bobby Doiron Raines and a nephew, Christian Doiron. Survivors include his children, Julie Doiron Sosebee (Craig), Phillip Logue Doiron Jr. (Kara) and Danielle Doiron Warnock (Brad); grandchildren, Jack Sosebee, Elizabeth Sosebee, Anna Kate Doiron, Ally Doiron, Mary Bradley Warnock and Wes Warnock; brothers, Warren Doiron (Camille) and Greg Doiron (Shirley); nieces and nephews. Pallbearers will be Craig Sosebee, Jack Sosebee, Brad Warnock, Mark Doiron, Mike Jackson and Phillip Doiron. In lieu of flowers, donations to Vicksburg Catholic Schools and St. Jude Children's Hospital. Service will be 2 p.m. today, July 8, 2014, at Riles Funeral Home with Father Thomas Lalor, Pastor of St. Paul Catholic Church, officiating. Burial will be in Cedar Hill Cemetery. Visitation will be at Riles Funeral Home from 12:30 p.m. today until the hour of the service.

Today (July 20, 2017) is my Daddy's birthday. I miss his quiet ways and the way that slight nod of his head told you things were going to be ok.  He was gone too soon, but not forgotten. I love you.  
~Julie Doiron Sosebee

Sunday, March 30, 2008

SAHS Class of 1959 ~ Ivan

~Ivan Hamilton Cunningham, Jr.~
After graduation, I attended Hings Jr. College. I then went on to Mississippi College. I moved to Jackson, MS in 1961 and worked for Vickers Aerospace Corporation. Then I met Dorothy Ann Blough (Dot). The two of us were married on July 7, 1962. I worked for Deposit Guaranty Bank at night and attended Mississippi College from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 each weekday. I then took a job with Aetna Finance Company in Jackson, MS and was later transferred to Meridian, MS. I work in Meridian for about 6 months. Dot refused to move to Meridian, so I quit my job and moved back to Jackson. On April Fools Day on 1968 I went to work for Mississippi Valley Gas Company in Jackson. After 38 years and three different owners, Valley Gas was bought out by Atmos Energy Corp. of Dallas, TX. I retired as Director of Purchasing on September 1, 2005. don and I have lived in Madison, MS since 1968. We have been active members of Saint Joseph's Catholic Church in Gluckstadt, MS for about 15 years where we feel very much at home. We bought the remaining 20 acres of her grandparents farm on Hoy Road in Madison in 2006. Last year we planted approximately 18 acres with pine trees and oak trees. We plan to live and die at 326 Hoy Road in Madison, MS and we have already purchased our tombstone and our burial plots at our church cemetery in Gluckstadt.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

SAHS Class of 1959~Eddie

~Franklin "Eddie" B. Crevitt~

Friday, March 28, 2008

SAHS Class of 1959~Paul

~Paul Hyland Booth~
Upon graduation, I attended Hinds Community College (back then it was Hinds Junior College) for one semester. (There were several from our class at St. Al that had gone to Hinds - Larry Miller, Jackie Mackey, Ivan Cunningham, there may be others that I don't remember), After a little soul searching and discussion with a couple of the Brothers at St. Al, I decided to enter the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and went to their Scholasticate as a Postulate in Mobile, Alabama. Upon finishing this phase, I completed a year of Novitiate at Metuchen, NJ, (I witnessed the Northern Lights and a 3 foot snowfall - both memorable events for this born southerner) whereupon I returned to Mobile for another year at the Scholasticate continuing my spiritual formation as well as attending classes at Spring Hill College. At the end of this year I left the Brothers; I was part, I suppose, of the general exodus that began in the early sixties which affected many religious orders. I had been hungry but at that time didn't know where my mouth was. I returned to Vicksburg.

I worked for a year of so and stayed at a boarding house(my folks had moved to Magee). I think boarding houses have, unfortunately, gone the way of the horse and buggy but I hate to see this bit of Americana disappear. It was, for me, an interesting encounter with a lot different personalities in a fairly close setting.). I then enrolled at the University of Southern Mississippi where I graduated in May,1966 with a B.S. in Mathematics. It was here that I met the love of my life, Peggy Davis who grew up near Newton MS. We were married in October of 1966. I had gone to work with IBM and was scheduled for training in Rochester Minnesota. (In the middle of winter, no less. If you haven't spent a winter in Minnesota, you haven't really spent a winter). We lived our first three months together there and then went directly to Endicott, NY for another month. It was for us a wonderful time where we made some treasured initial deposits into our bank of memories. Last fall we celebrated our 42nd anniversary and over that time we have amply filled that bank. We finally made it back to MS where I worked out of the Jackson office. This was the time when computers were just in their nascent ascent for the business community; IBM had excellent hardware - their software was a work in progress. I was in software support and for a neophyte as I, it was a challenging and cram packed learning experience. The great majority of my professional life was to remain in Information Processing though I did have a four year hiatus working in the actuarial field.

My oldest daughter, Karen, was born in 1970 followed in 1977 by our second daughter, Marie. Both are married and live in Madison county here in Mississippi not far from Peggy and I. I have two grandsons, Andrew and Joshua, and three step grandsons (Zachary, Jacob and Nicholas). I have been blessed to have my children nearby and to see and spend time with my grandsons frequently. As some of you may remember, I come from a large family, having nine(9) siblings. We continue to be a close-knit extended family; for over 25 years we have come together yearly for a 3-day family reunion now encompassing four(4) generations. This too has been a great blessing, a testimony to values instilled in us by our mom and dad.

I am currently retired but remain active. I love to cook and am doing some renovations to our home which will keep me busy for sometime. I have in the past been involved in Cursillo and since 1998 have actively participated in Kairos, an ecumenical, lay led, international prison ministry. My wife Peggy has her hands full keeping our newest seven month old grandson, Joshua, during the day.


My best liked teacher would be Brother Cecil, however my most enjoyable class was Latin. Though Brother Matthew was at times intimidating and volatile, I nevertheless (especially our sophomore year) enjoyed translating some of the old mythology classics. I still fondly remember some of the escapades of Jason and the Argonauts. Going a little afield, one (1) college professor, a Jesuit, at Spring Hill stands out in my mind. I took American Literature from him and he had that gift of opening up the world of literature for me. At the time I was too left brained to take full advantage of it but the fruit lay latent in me and was to kick in later in my life. Unfortunately I have forgotten his name but I remember him fondly. The old coal stove in our 1st grade classroom and learning to tie my shoelaces after class waiting for my brother to get out. The hours of penmanship practice(the Palmer method?) making circles over and over. Trying to match horses to their stalls. Rushing through lunch to tag up at the handball courts first. Trying to fill an ink pen without getting ink on the desk (an impossibility for our group, I think) -- where were ball points when we needed them. Was it Brother Neal in the fifth or sixth grade that would do inspections and rap offenders on the hand with a ruler several times depending on the severity of the mess - that was white knuckle time for sure. The imperial presence of Brother Mark at assembly time. The 3 o'clock bell on Friday afternoons. Fresh mow grass on the football field -- often when I smell mow grass, I am reminded of football practice. Having my bell rung during football practice being blindsided by Eddie Habert. Walking up all the way to the 3rd floor to practice confessions - trying to examine a young and resistant conscience. Breakfast and being excused from religion class when attending morning Mass. Making the trek, en mass, from school to Church on Fridays during lent for Stations of the Cross. The tornado and going to church at SFXA for a while. Brothers Cecil and Matthew letting erasers fly. The severity of the silence when Brother Matthew got his dander up. Hamburgers for lunch.

Well, the list could go on and on. I look forward to our reunion. I'm sure our reminiscing will evoke memories lying dormant within us. Many I have not seen since graduation. I did have lunch with Larry Miller a couple of months ago. He now lives in St. Louis and was passing through the Jackson area. I met with him and his wife Karen. I had not seen him since that time at Hinds and if our short meeting is any indication of what our reunion will hold for us, I trust we will all have an enjoyable time.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

SAHS Class of 1959~Jack

~John "Jack" R. Baker~

After leaving St. Al, I enrolled at Auburn University as an engineering student. I stayed at Auburn until I was called to active duty with the U.S. Naval Reserve in August of 1960. I was assigned to the U.S.S. Valley Forge, an aircraft carrier, in Norfolk, VA. After a short jaunt into the Caribbean including port calls at Kingston, Jamaica, the Virgin Islands and Guantanamo, Cuba the ship proceeded to Portsmouth, VA for a refit as a LPH (helicopter carrier). After refit, we were assigned to Long Beach, CA as our new home port. This required a trip through the Panama Canal. Wonderful! Shortly after our arrival at Long Beach, we were ordered to South East Asia and based at Subic Bay, in the Philippines. The ship made the rounds of the Pacific Ports including Honolulu, Okinawa and Hong Kong. While at Subic, we returned to the ship one late one night to find the pier all lighted and a beehive of activity. We soon learned that we would embark that night for a “secret location.” We took aboard 1200 marines, pulled anchor and within hours were underway. Reaching the Bay of Siam, we soon offloaded the marines in civilian clothes who were headed for Vietnam. My sense is that these were the first “advisers” to enter the conflict.

Returning to the States, I re-enrolled at Auburn and soon became architecture student. Architecture school was great fun from the get go. Design studio at Auburn was an exciting place to be. Critiques were routinely brutal but I survived and did well in design. Among the highlights was meeting Buckminster Fuller and working with some remarkably creative instructors, some from the Bauhaus tradition and a few from Rhode Island School of Design. After two years at Auburn’s Arch. School, a number of instructors resigned in protest as one of them was fired for participating in the Selma March. That left us in a lurch and eleven of us transferred to the University of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma had talented staff as well and we thrived there as well. About this time, I met Bobbie Williams, a red headed history major from Oklahoma City. In 1969, I graduated with a degree in architecture and Bobbie and I married a few days later.

We soon relocated to Memphis, Tennessee where I worked for Mel O’Brien and Associates. At Mel’s, I was assigned the renovation of the old Clairidge Hotel and worked some on the Beal Street project as well. After a year in Memphis, a friend encouraged us to move to Seattle. In a VW bus with several cats and everything we owned we headed to the Northwest. It was an epic trip with visits to friends and relatives all the way out, it took two months.

Arriving in Seattle, I went to work for Dale Jorgensen and Associates. Dale and I went to work on Fire Station #7, a station for fire boats, on the Duwamish Waterway. We were a good team and enjoyed working together. The project evolved quickly and won approval of the Seattle Design Commission. We soon had the project in working drawings and I decided to go back to graduate school in Fine Arts.

We went Back to Oklahoma in an old Volvo 544 with a matching green trailer. After a semester I received an assistance ship teaching first year art students. With the assistance ship came a large studio to work in alongside another artist. These folks were my inspiration to go to art school to begin with. The environment was open and enthusiastic. If you could think and were willing to work, one was encouraged. Wonderful things happened here.Amazing work was produced with no media limitations. We had a foundry, a welding studio and a wood shop. My Masters Show included several mixed media pieces. Among the 2D and 3D works was The Transient Suitcase, Dave Rosen’s House, What Have I Become?, and See Mt. Williams.

From Oklahoma I went back to Seattle and Bobbie stayed to complete her Masters Degree. I worked for a City of Seattle Design Project called Project 27+ for about a year. Bobbie returned to Seattle at the end of the school year. About 7 months later We knew that our lives were going different directions and We agreed to “split the sheets.”

By fall of the following year I had been hired to teach at Cornish College of the Arts as an instructor in the Design Department. I also moved into a large storefront studio in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood in Seattle. The studio was a part of Pelican Bay Art Cooperative. The residents were all artists and a wild and woolly glorious bunch of folks.We did great projects in the community gallery including “The Pelican Cove Café,” an art café made completely of recycled materials.

From this studio, I evolved the Museum of Neighborhood Phenomena and won National Endowment of the Arts Funding for it. This was also a multi media piece with photo illustrated stories about the neighborhood and three dimensional works. The following spring the NEA funded another piece at Seattle Center called Spirit House. This was a sixteen sided pavilion with 48 glass panels each with a sequence of transparencies depicting activities in as many spaces in the Center.

At a sidewalk café near Pelecan Bay one day in 1976, I spotted a very attractive, if chatty, woman sitting with a friend of mine. My friend introduced me to Judith Bader and we’ve been together since. We married on Aug. 9, 1981 at an old one room schoolhouse overlooking the Snoqualme River Valley. I give Judith most of the credit for much of the success I have had in life. She is truly a remarkable woman whom I admire and love dearly.

Meanwhile, back at Cornish, I took a turn as head of the design department. A few years later, back in a regular faculty teaching position, myself and reps of the Dance, Art, Jazz and Classical music faculty organized the Cornish Federation of Teachers, a union. We spent the next year gathering signatures and campaigning and in the spring won our election and became Local 4169 of the American Federation of Teachers. I was elected president of the organization and we then negotiated our first contract gaining an 18% salary increase and medical benefits for most of the faculty.

In 1984, while at Cornish, I was asked by a friend to redesign his kitchen and dining room. I did that and folks liked the outcome and soon I had a business which became Jack Baker Architectural Design.

In 1986 Genevieve Celeste (Viva) Bader-Baker was born and changed our lives forever.We were obsessive (some say neurotic) parents each taking time out of our work lives to share parenting. The little blond blue eyed person, as it turned out, needed lots of our attention. At age 4, the diagnoses began to manifest evolving to Asperger’s Syndrome(high functioning autism) at age 11. After much difficulty, she’s doing well now. A caring person, she keeps track of everyone’s welfare in the community has a plethora of non-profits that she supports and loves animals and doing art . I call her “My ticket to heaven.”

The experience of raising Viva has brought many gifts to Judith and I over the years. We’ve formed many wonderful relationships with other parents of special needs children.Judith is a speech pathologist whose specialty is autism. Her dedication to her work and her skill in working with these children are well known in the Seattle School District. When Viva was 13 I began attending the Washington Fathers Network, a support group for men with special needs children. A wonderful group, I was asked to facilitate meetings for the group after a year of attendance. I continued to do this work for eight years and really loved it.

After retiring from the WFN, I joined the Board of Directors for MHCP, a non-profit housing provider. We own or manage seven manufactured housing communities with over 500 units in the region. In Seattle, housing is very expensive and our organization provides entry level owner occupied housing at a very reasonable cost to folks from low to moderate income and some market rate housing.

I retired from Jack Baker Architectural Design two years ago and began doing art again shortly thereafter. My first piece is called the Mysterious Juggernaut and is about autism.I am doing another piece for a friend in Martha’s Vineyard that is called The Now and Then Arch. It’s made of chairs stacked and rotated to form two columns topped by more chairs forming a gable-like roof. It’s about living in the present. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Jack

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

SAHS Class of 1959~Bill

~William "Bill" Marion Adams, Jr.~

In the fall of 1959 after graduation from St. Aloysius High School, I attended Northeast Louisiana University at Monroe, where I intended to pursue a degree in pharmacy. My stay in Monroe proved to be short lived as I soon returned to Vicksburg and enrolled at Hinds Junior College. I completed my studies at Mississippi State and earned a degree in Accounting.
The northwest portion of the United States held a certain fascination and I imagined myself living in that area. I was hired by the California Company and knew I was destined to fulfill my dreams of going west. Unfortunately, my fantasy was not realized as Brookhaven and Natchez, MS were my first two work locations. A few years passed and I was transferred to Lafayette, LA.
It was during this time my dreams of the West Coast were forgotten. I met and married wonderful little Cajun school teacher. Linda and I enjoyed life in the small rural community of Coteau. Several years into our marriage, Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not knowing how much time we had left, Linda and I were grateful for the time God would give us. We traveled as much as we could between treatments and when jobs would allow. We saw much of the world in our 28 years. The loving memories of our travels and life together sustained me after her passing. I am grateful for the years I was privileged to be her husband.
Several years after Linda's death I met and married a nice lady, unfortunately the marriage was brief and ended amicably.
During the 32 years I was employed with the State of Louisiana, I worked for the Department of Revenue, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Agriculture and Forestry Consumer Services. The jobs were all related to consumer protection.
My time is now occupied with playing bridge once a week and attending to my collection of orchids, hibiscus and bonsai plants. I volunteer at Saint Mary Mother of God Catholic Church in Lafayette where I help prepare and serve church dinners for seniors. Every morning begins with a five mile walk.
A few months ago, I rekindled a long time friendship. I soon realized my good friend could possibly be more than just a good friend. In the mean time we are enjoying each other's company....only time will tell!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SAXA Class of 1959~Marlene

~Catherine Marlene Wilson~
After graduating from SFXA, I attended Siena College in Memphis, TN, 1959-1960 before going to the University of Mississippi where I received aBAE in 1963. After graduation I taught 4th grade at Bowmar Avenue in Vicksburg for one year, 1963-1964.

In 1964 I married Sam Langston, Jr., and moved to Cleveland, MS, where I continued teaching for a short time before joining my husband in his insurance agency. We worked in Langston Insurance Agency & R/E for the next 20 years. We had three children, Lacy (now 42, Architecture/Stay at homemom, married to Kosie Mentz, Boise, ID), Sam III (now 39, President, Langston & Assoc. Comm'l Real Estate Appraisals, married to Annie Thompson, Boise, ID) and Wilson (now 35, Vice President, Nationwide Insurance Agency, single parent, Germantown, TN).

In 1985 my husband Sam died and I continued in the insurance agency for a number of years before merging the business with another agency in Cleveland where I continued to work until retiring in 2000.

In 1990 I married Everett E. (Butch) Caston, Dean of Education at Delta State University. Butch had 2 children, Wade (now 36, Vice President, FocusTemp. Service, Atlanta, GA) and Kellie (now 40, Pharmacist, Ocean Springs, MS). All of a sudden we had a family of 5 children all so near in age that we had 5 in college at one time. Butch retired in 2001.

We now have 12 grandchildren ranging in age from 10 months to 10 years: Jake (5) and Catherine (3) Mentz (Lacy's), Mary Agnes (10), Matthew (7), Caston (5) and Nora (10 months) Mestayer (Kellie's), Maddie (11), Caton (9) and Finn (5) Langston (Sam's), Ella (5), Sam (3) and Rivers (3) Langston, twins(Wilson's).

Besides spending time with our grandchildren, Butch and I enjoy our two Tennessee Walking horses and lab, Luke. We have a barn in Cleveland where we spend a lot of time and in the summer we trailer the horses along with our lab and sometimes a grandchild, out to our small ranch in New Meadows, Idaho. Two of our children live in Idaho, Sam & Lacy, so we have a chance to visit with them and 5 of our grandchildren. In the summer while in Idaho, we enjoy hiking, fishing, canoeing and riding our horses in the backcountry. During the winter Butch does a lot of hunting in both Idaho and Mississippi and in fact shot a trophy elk this past fall, which has been the highlight of his year. I love snow skiing with our Idaho children and grandchildren and manage at least one or two ski trips out each winter.

I do appreciate my Catholic education and the many things I learned during my years at SFXA, academics as well as religious and character values. It is hard to single one teacher as my favorite, there were many. I remember Sister Josepha from 3rd grade and how much fun she was on the playground playing softball. I always remember how the front of her habit would fly up when she hit the ball and ran to bases. She seemed to have more fun than we did. Sister Mary John in the 8th grade was special and always had a project going. I remember those butterflies we made with all the sequins for our 8th grade graduation. I'm sorry I gave Sister Mary Grace such a hard time. She was convinced that Ole Miss was an evil place and I was doomed if I went there. I guess I took her seriously for a least one year, attending Siena College in Memphis before heading to Ole Miss. Sister Cecelia who so patiently listened each week during my piano lesson, knowing full well thatI hadn't touched the piano since my last lesson. Sister Elise's Algebra class, which I loved. Sister Rita never seemed to quite get a handle on our class but we all loved her. Coach Swett and those laps around the gym singing the latest top chart hit-we were so cool!

And how can we forget "The Bunch" I can't remember exactly how many years that lasted, Ina was always documenting everything in her long and intricately folded, decorated notes, I'm sure she could give us a complete history. I remember Vera and her spelling talent. She could spell anything! Marian was so quiet and always greeted you with a smile. Myrtle and herl ong braids and happy personality. Katherine "Speedy" Myers could hit a basket from anywhere. Theresa our class beauty, "A" student and good friend. I miss Lynn Stegall-wasn't she a character! I could go on and on. I think our class was special and I regret not keeping up with everyone a little better. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the class reunion and hope that all our classmates will be able to attend.

Butch and Marlene

2008 Summer Arts ~ Ft. Morgan

Butch and Marlene's children.

Monday, March 24, 2008

SFXA Class of 1959~Rosalye

~Rosalye Estelle Wilkerson~

After graduation from S.F.X.A., I attended Ole Miss, graduating in 1963 with a BS Degree in Elementary Education. I moved to Texas where I began my teaching career, married Fred Baldwin and became a Southern Baptist.

We had two wonderful boys, Trent and Troy. We moved back to Vicksburg in 1968 where we have remained ever since. I retired from the Vicksburg Warren School District in 1998. Fred continues to work as a self-employed CPA. Trent is a civil engineer working with the USGS. He married Marissa and lives in Ridgeland, MS. They have given us three precious grandchildren: Shelby, Blake and Ashley.

Troy went home suddenly to be with the Lord at the age of 21. He was a senior accounting major at MSU. When playing a pick-up game of flag football with friends, he collapsed, due to an enlarge heart. Believe me, he was a joy! Praise God, we know where Troy is and we will see him again someday soon.

Retirement is wonderful! How did I have time to work? I stay busy with my Bible Studies, grandchildren, some travel and working in the First Baptist medical/Dental Ministry.

Life is good and we are blessed!

March 2015

~Troy Baldwin~

Troy Baldwin - Thanking God for his precious blessing!  21 years ago today @ 21 years of age.  Troy went to his real home!  Praise God for His Blessed Assurance and for His Gift to us!  1 Peter 1:4 (September 14, 2011) per his Mother on Facebook.  Also, posted again on Facebook today (September 14, 2015)

Rosalye's Granddaughter, Ashley Baldwin.
(Facebook ~ March 5, 2017)

Rosalye's Grands - Blake, Ashley and Shelby Baldwin.
(Facebook ~ March 5, 2017)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

SFXA Class of 1959 ~ Lynn

~Byrlene Stegall~
Lynn Hauserman
Harlingen, Texas ~ Lynn Stegall Hauserman died Tuesday, July 2, 2002 at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen, Texas. She was 60.
Mrs. Hauserman was born in Pelahatchie, MS. She moved to Vicksburg, MS and attended school at Saint Francis Xavier Academy, graduating in the Class of 1959. She was a member of the First United Methodist Church in LaFeria, Texas.
She was preceded in death by her husband, Bill Hauserman; her father, Byrl Stegall; her mother Etha Stegall; two brothers Elton Stegall and Ersa Stegall; and a sister, Ladell Townsend.
She is survived by her sons, Rod, Mark and Brian Hauserman; grandsons, Chase, Logan and Trevor Hauserman; and nieces, nephews and cousins.
Services will be at the home of Hunter and Amy Wilhelm, 1910 Elmwood in Harlingen, Texas, at 6 p.m., Saturday. A memorial service will be at 6:30 p.m.
Memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society.
Buck Ashcraft Funeral Home has charge of arrangements.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

SFXA Class of 1959~Bonnie

~Bonnie Claire Smith~
After graduation Bonnie attended Mercy Hospital School of Nursing in Vicksburg. After graduation from nursing school she went to work for Lawrence County Hospital. She was married to her husband for 47 years and unfortunately he died last year. With this union was three children and their names are; Tanya Truelove, Tommy Terry and Scott Terry. She is blessed with four grandchildren and their names are; Allison Turelove, Blake Terry, Annie Terry and Rylie Terry.
Over the years she has worked for Jeff Davis County Hospital, Mississippi State Board of Health, Lawrence County Nursing Center, Home Health and Lawrence County Hospital. She is still working at Lawrence County Hospital in Intensive Outpatient (part time only). She is retired from full time work.
What she enjoys most of all now is baby sitting her grandchildren, reading, yard work and bird watching.
Her favorite teacher was, "I don't remember because I'm old and my memory is bad."
Some of Bonnie's favorite school memories are mostly working after school and weekends. I do remember how good we were in basketball. I also remember I dated a boy that went to Culkin.
A few things about Bonnie and her life: She lives out in the country and attends Old Silver Creek Baptist Church. Her husband was a Highway Patrolman. She has five cats and one dog. She retired at 62 and went to work part time. Her husband and she enjoyed several years of doing a little traveling and camping. She made her first trip to Disney World this past summer.
Bonnie resides in Monticello, MS. E-mail:

Friday, March 21, 2008

SFXA Class of 1959~Margaret Mary

~Margaret Mary Sheehan~
After graduating from SFXA, attended nurses training and contact was lost.  Unable to locate.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

SFXA Class of 1959~Antionette

~Antionette Marie Sheehan~
After graduating from SFXA, attended nurses training and contact was lost.  Unable to locate.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SFXA Class of 1959~Billie Marie

~Billie Marie Price~

After graduating from S.F.X.A., I attended Hinds Community College and received a Degree in Nursing. I worked at Mercy Hospital for a number of years and then moved to Clinton, MS and worked in a nursing home. I recently retired on March 1, 2009. I have one son, Greg, who is married to Keri. I have one granddaughter named Tracie. She will graduate this year from MS School of Arts in Brookhaven. She plans on attending the Memphis School of Arts this fall. She hopes to obtain a degree in art and a degree in interior decorating. My husband, Ed, passed away six years ago of lung cancer. Since retiring I have become a Premier Jeweler - a total career change!

A picture of me taken in 1999.

My son Greg and daughter-in-law, Keri.

My granddaughter, Tracie.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

SFXA Class of 1959~Patricia

~Patricia Elizabeth McNamara~
New Iberia ~ Patricia McNamara LeBlanc died Friday, December 10, 2004, at Dauterive Hospital in New Iberia. She was 63.

A Vicksburg native, Mrs. LeBlanc was a retired director of nursing at Dauterive Hospital.

She was preceded in death by her father, Patrick J. McNamara, and her nephew, John P. Hebler.

Survivors include her husband, Mervin LeBlanc of New Iberia; her mother Mary Ruth DeRossette McNamara of Vicksburg; five sisters, Martha Shelley McNamara of Aliquippa, PA, Maggie Husted of Fort Lauderdale, FL, Alice Hebler and Maureen Nichols, both of Vicksburg, and Laura Guillot of Harahan, LA; three brothers, Mike McNamara of Clear Lake Shores, TX, Pat McNamara, Jr. of Jackson and Arthur McNamara of Chicago; and numerous nieces and nephews.

Services will be at 11:a.m. Monday at Evangeline Funeral Home in Delcambre, LA, and at Our Lady of the Lake Mausoleum.

Visitation will be from 2 until 10 p.m. today at Evangeline Funeral Home. Memorials may be made to the American Heart Association.


Memoriam to our classmate Patsy McNamara LeBlanc
Born May 7, 1941, Patricia Elizabeth was the first child of Pat and Mary Ruth (DeRossette) McNamara. Being the eldest, Patsy was greatly admired by her eight siblings. She began her studies in nursing at Mercy Hospital just after high school. She then moved to Louisiana, settling in Delcambre where she met and married Mervin LeBlanc. The couple later moved to New Iberia where Pat rose through the ranks from surgical technician to Director of Nursing at Dauterive hospital over the course of her career. She obtained her B. S. N. from University of Southwestern Louisiana and later worked as an instructor to senior nursing students. She also attended University of Texas doctoral nursing program. She retired from nursing in the year 2000. Her time was then spent volunteering at the local library and making frequent visits to New Orleans for cultural events. She was an avid support of the New Orleans Museum of Art. She died at the young age of 63. Pat (as she liked to be called) lived life to the fullest and never met a stranger. She loved to travel and experience anything new. Her employees at Dautrieve Hospital remember her as fun and loving. When she was in the hospital during her final illness, the nurses made sue only those who had worked for "Ms. Pat" cared for her. They noted her devotion to quality are and dedication to her employees. (Submitted by Maureen M. Nichols)

First picture is of Patsy with her Mother. Patsy. Patsy with her sister Laura Guillot and Patsy again with her Mother. The last picture is she with her husband Mervin.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

SFXA Class of 1959~Margaret

~Margaret Frances McCormack~

After graduation Margaret continued on to Mercy Hospital School of Nursing of New Orleans, Louisiana, graduating in 1965. She married Norman Anthony Oubre Sr., (1966) and with that union had Scott Anthony (1966), Renee Frances (1969), John McCormack (1970), and Norman Anthony Jr. (1980) deceased. Relocated to Atlanta, Georgia (1978). Divorced in (1984). Re-married John Jay Tice, IV (1989). Relocated to Herndon, Virginia (1990) and then Wytheville, Virginia (1993). She continued her joy of nursing as an instructor until her unexpected death (1998). She also leaves five granddaughters and five grandsons.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

SFXA Class of 1959~Florence

~Florence Estelle Murphy~
After graduating from St. Francis Xavier Academy, Florence attend the University of Mississippi for one year. She worked at the Mutual Credit Union for two years. She married
Mike Morrissey (Class of 1958) in 1962 and worked for Placement and Financial Aids at Ole Miss for one Year. They had three children. Kelly, 1965, Norma Ann, 1966 (deceased) and Michael, III "Bo" in 1968. She divorced in 1970. She worked at the Vicksburg Water and Gas Company from 1970 - 1971. She married Edwin "Buddy" Boren in 1971. They had two children, Blake in 1972 and Andrea in 1973. She also has two stepson, Edwin, Jr. and Paul. She has six grandchildren, Blakele and Wilson (Andrea's), Alex and Shelby (Kelly's) and Lauren and Sara (Bo's). What she most enjoys doing now is spending time with her children and grandchildren. Her favorite teacher at SFXA was Sister Mary Rita. Florence and her husband, Buddy, reside in Vicksburg.

Friday, March 14, 2008

SFXA Class of 1959~Katherine

~Katherine Ann Meyer~
After graduation Katherine attended Frondren School of Cosmetology in Jackson, MS and went to work for a short period of time at Lydia's Beauty Shop in Vicksburg and then at Ruth's Beauty Salon in Flint, Michigan. She attended college at West Nebraska Community College in Scottsbluff, NE. She married Roy Turcotte (Class of 1959) on December 31, 1960. With this union they had four sons - Jeff (Albuquerque, NM), Greg (Seminary, MS) Tim (Lexington, KY), and Steve (Los Lunas, NM)
She is the proud grandparent of 15 grandchildren are they are: Anthony, Brittany, Ashley, Tessa, Brittany (step-grandchild), Brandi (step), Bridgett (step), BJ (step), Leyvin (step), Tyler, Eric, Elizabeth, Kati Jane, Shane (step) and Phillip (step). Three great grandchildren and they are: Alexis (step), Abagail (Abby) and Nancy Gail (step)
Over the years she has worked for Great Western Sugar Factory, Gering, NE; Nebraska Western General Hospital, Scottsbluff, NE; Lovelace-Baaton Hospital, Albuquerque, NM; Bill Sullivan, Attorney at Law, Laurel, MS; Pine Grove Recovery Center, Hattiesburg, MS;
Marian Hill Chemical Dependency Center, Vicksburg, MS and St. Dominic Medical Center in Jackson, MS.
She retired from Marian Hill in 2004 - accepted a position at St. Dominic and returned from St. Dominic in 2006. She has recently returned to work part time at Marian Hill.
Her favorite teacher was Sister Mary John because she was such a motivator and encourage here to be creative and to believe in herself.
Some of her favorite school memories are - Jr. High School Graduation when we did a May Pole Dance, playing basketball as a Blue Streak and being County Champs (one year going to South State), being on the school tennis team (experienced state competition) and attending school dances and dating "Skeeter" throughout High School.
A few things about her and her life - It has been a marvelous ride - being a Navy wife, a Corporate wife, a mother of four fantastic sons, a grandmother (and now a great grandmother); having a professional career, as a Certified Addiction Professional, that I love, having long time friends from school and other friends from all over the USA, with whom I stay in touch; and the fact the Skeeter and I have been married 48 years (this Dec) and we have been able to accept the challenges and rewards God has presented them. She and her husbnd Roy, reside in Vicksburg, MS.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

SFXA Class of 1959~Jackie

~Jacqueline Ann Melsheimer~
After graduation from SFXA, Jackie attended Hinds College in Raymond, MS and received an advanced degree in Business from Phillip’s Business College. After graduation she went straight to work for the Bakers' Company in Jackson, MS. She married Phillip L. Doiron (Class of 1959) and with this union had three children. Their names are Julie Lizabeth Sosebee, Phillip L. Doiron, Jr., and Jacqueline Danielle Warnock. She has six grandchildren and their names are: Jack Sosebee, Elizabeth Sosebee, Anna Kate Doiron, Ally Doiron, Mary Bradley and Wes Warnock.
Over the years she has worked at McRae', Betty K's, Trustmark, Crawford Street Play School and Cedar Grove in accounting. She is presently working at Crawford Street Play School.
What she enjoys most now is yard work, her children, grandchildren, painting, reading, dogs, playing golf and walking in races for fitness.
Her favorite teacher was Sister Mary Rita because she was kind and always willing to help. A very sweet person and understood things about sports.
Some of her favorite school memories was being with all her classmates, playing basketball and choir. She loves to think about all the things her classmates did in school, some funny and some sad.
A few things about her and her life now is that she is very happy and she loves her children, grandchildren and her job. Also, she loves to race, play golf and her dog, Buttons. Jackie resides in Vicksburg, MS.
A few things about her and her life now is that she is very happy and she loves her children, grandchildren and her job. Also, she loves to race, play golf and her dog, Buttons. Jackie resides in Vicksburg, MS.


Mary Bardley

Anna and Ally



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