Class of 1959

We, the Class of 1959, celebrated our 50th class reunion on April 24 and 25, 2009. This blog is about sharing memories of our class reunions and a long ago life at our Alma Mater's, S.F.X.A. and S.A.H.S. Good memories of days gone by but not forgotten! A gift to my classmates. ~Marian Love Phillips ~

Monday, May 02, 2011

Celebration Photos ~ Class of 2011 & 1961

Registration and Social

Welcome and Introductions - Rae Nelson, '98, President, Alumni Association

Invocation - Reverend P. J. Curley, Pastor of St. Michael's Parish


Charitable Trust Presentation - Rob Sadler, '98, Vice President, Alumni Association

Election of Officers - Rae Nelson, '98

Roll Call of Classes - Christin Flowers Matthews, '99, Secretary/Treasurer, Alumni Association

Introduction of the Class of 2011 - Michele Connelly, Principal of St. Aloysius High School

Response from the Class of 2011 - Jana McAlpin, 2011 Class President

Response from the Class of  1961 - Lucy Canizaro Williams & Danny Setaro

Benediction - Reverend Patrick Farrell, Pastor of St. Paul's Parish

2011 St. Aloysius/St. Francis Alumni Banquet.

Pam Mahoney Cook (Class of 1960)

Bill Lauderdale and Joe Loviza checking out the guest as they arrive for the alumni banquet.  

Linda Harwood Oakley (Class of 1961)

Mrs. Anna Mae Mahoney

Patty Mekus, Development & Alumni Affairs Director, talking to Mary Jane Lauderdale.

My sister, Laura Love Ables (Class of 1961) and Reverend P. J. Curley, Pastor of St. Michael's Parish, who gave the Invocation.

Marianne Neal Walley (Class of 1961) and husband, Bobby.

Mary Carol McNamara Lundberg (Class of 1961) with husband, Jack.

Myra Coccaro Logue 

Linda Ann Muffuletto (Class of 1961)

Patricia Hebler Gray (Class of 1961)

Bobby Walley and my sister, Laura Love Ables (Class of 1961).

Myself, Marian Love Phillips (Class of 1959) with Bobby Walley, my date to my Junior Prom and a graduate of Redwood High School.  

Lucy Canizaro William (Class of 1961), Sue McNamara Fowler and Ina Lott Whittington (Class of 1959).
Vera Marshall Brown (Class of 1959) with her husband, George.

My sister, Laura Love Ables, (Class of 1961) and myself, Marian Love Phillips (Class of 1959).
Pat Downey and wife, Cathy Barnes Downey (Class of 1961) and Nina Coccaro Buell (Class of 1961) with her husband, Jimmy.

Roy "Skeeter" (Class of 1959) with his wife, Katherine Meyers Turcotte (Class of 1959).

Laura Evelyn Love Ables (Class of 1961) with her husband, my brother-in-law, Joseph Christopher "Chris" Ables.

Judy James Youngblood (Class of 1961) with her husband.

George Bragg (Class of 1961) with Lucy Canizaro Williams (Class of 1961), Vera Marshall Brown and Ina Lott Whittington (Class of 1959). 

Myrtle Loviza Curro Alvarado (Class of 1959) with her husband, Bobby Alvarado.

Sue McNamara Fowler (Class of 1959) and Anita Zorn Hossley (Class of 1958).

Lucy Canizaro Williams responding for St. Francis Xavier/Class of 1961.

Danny Setaro responding for St. Aloysius/Class of 1961.

Laura giving gifts to 16 of her classmates attending their 50th year class reunion!  In attendance was: Judy James Youngblood, Helen Melsheimer Gordon, Marianne Neal Walley, Patricia Hebler Gray, Joan Kinnebrew Reynolds. Linda Ann Muffuletto, Lucy Canizaro Williams, Deborah Miao Waggoner, Barbara Montgomery Melton, Sandra Jabour Harvey, Susan Taylor Yerger, Catherine Barnes Downey, Mary Carol McNamara Lundberg, Linda Harwood Oakley, Nina Coccaro Buell and herself, Laura Evelyn Love Ables.

Benediction given by Reverend Patrick Farrell, Pastor of St. Paul's Parish.

In loving memory of the deceased ~
+Rachel Hunt Mills
+Mary Grace Tuccio
+Rosemary Woodbury Brown
+John Lee Cunningham


Anonymous said...

Marian, this is a great tribute to your classmates, St. Al/St. Francis and the entire alumni association. I was just searching the web and
WOW! Congratulations! I even saw my mom, Mary Jane Lauderdale's photo. I believe Mom was in the Class of 1941-graduating three years after my dad, William Fearon Lauderdale, Sr.-Class of 1938. Jane Flowers

Marian Love Phillips said...

Thanks so much for coming by and I have enjoyed every minute of putting this together for my classmates. I even made a blooklet for them as a souvenir of our 50th Class Reunion. Your Mom is the sweetest lady and she has always stayed so young and beautiful! :)

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