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We, the Class of 1959, celebrated our 50th class reunion on April 24 and 25, 2009. This blog is about sharing memories of our class reunions and a long ago life at our Alma Mater's, S.F.X.A. and S.A.H.S. Good memories of days gone by but not forgotten! A gift to my classmates. ~Marian Love Phillips ~

Monday, September 04, 2017

An Update On Classmate and Cousins

I just talked to Theresa and she said that Chuck made it to their lake house fine driving three hours from their home in Katy.  All the homes in the neighborhood had gone under water but their house was saved. She said it came up to the lip of the back door.  Only one of their vehicles got water in it. The neighbors are putting all their wet furniture out of their lawns.  A horrible sight to see!  I have been there years ago when our home went under water with three feet.  We finally moved out of the Hamilton Heights subdivision closer into town and FEMA bought the house and tore it down.

In my cousin's own words - John has been working very hard along with his son doing rescue. Finally gets to bring his wife and child back to their home (Cullen Park & Estates) which had very little mishap but he is having some problems with his feet from being in the water so much and it worries me. I've told him to go see an army medic at one of the setup evacuation centers ASAP to get it checked out because not all doctors are available. Many even have been flooded. Pray hard for all those in harm's way with waters from the dam still coming.

The Addrick Reservoir and the other is the Barker Reservoir both on the west side of Houston. My son lives near the Addrick's Reservoir which would be above him and the Barker is slightly below his home they are both releasing water to get the levels down in the event of future rain and said this say can go on for anywhere from another 2 weeks to a month or more. So a large area on the west side is still flooded and everything is emptying into the Buffalo River. You can check on Houston news live to see exactly the areas flooded.

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