Class of 1959

We, the Class of 1959, celebrated our 50th class reunion on April 24 and 25, 2009. This blog is about sharing memories of our class reunions and a long ago life at our Alma Mater's, S.F.X.A. and S.A.H.S. Good memories of days gone by but not forgotten! A gift to my classmates. ~Marian Love Phillips ~

Friday, December 05, 2008

More Freshmen Frolics

Maggie says:

Now is the time of the year for Marie to grow taller...for Theresa, Sue and Margaret to start observing from the G.O.C. Post at LeTourneau's (local joke)... for Kay to learn to play the drums for Katherine to begin catching flies, 'specially mo-sketters and Patsy Glass to make the football team as you know who's replacement.

Did you know:

Myrtle's favorite food is Ballard's biscuits? (all she has to do is beat em up.)

A certain angel from the Freshmen class accidentally spilled water on the Flashes flashy tailback at the Spaghetti Dinner? (we are withholding the name to protect her.)

Certain Freshman angels were bad Halloween night?
(Taken from the Maryon)

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