Class of 1959

We, the Class of 1959, celebrated our 50th class reunion on April 24 and 25, 2009. This blog is about sharing memories of our class reunions and a long ago life at our Alma Mater's, S.F.X.A. and S.A.H.S. Good memories of days gone by but not forgotten! A gift to my classmates. ~Marian Love Phillips ~

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Double Surprise

Time: 6:00
Date: Nov. 24
Place: Betty Rose Setaro's
Characters: Seniors and Juniors

The scene is a comfortable living room half-filled with laughing, whispering girls. The mood seems to be an undertone of excitement.

Suddenly, the stage door is thrown open, and one of the principals glides in.

"Hi, Judy! Come right on in! Hurry, so we can hide and surprise Frances!"

"Oh, I know y'all are teasing me. This is my surprise birthday party too."

Stern astonishment appears on the faces of the others. "No, Judy, now get ready to surprise Frances."

The stage door is again thrown open, and the other heroine staggers in.

"Surprise!" Happy Birthday, Frances and Judy!"

The two main characters looks awfully pleased. The brunette proudly declares that she "knew all the time y'all were kiddin' me."

Everyone gathers in the center of the stage around a table. Gaily wrapped presents are brought in, and the heroines open them, with many exclamations of delight!
(Taken from the Maryon)

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