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We, the Class of 1959, celebrated our 50th class reunion on April 24 and 25, 2009. This blog is about sharing memories of our class reunions and a long ago life at our Alma Mater's, S.F.X.A. and S.A.H.S. Good memories of days gone by but not forgotten! A gift to my classmates. ~Marian Love Phillips ~

Friday, May 01, 2009

Thanks From Our Guest Speaker Ed Habert '59

Dear Marian and Reunion Committee,

Sight was unconsoled and produced a farce of the reality that I was hearing. The charade I was seeing did not match the spirit and character of the voices I was hearing. The joyous voices of our youth are still audible and strong and brings one back to our youth, that happy time we shared without care or worry. When you look more carefully you can see the ravages of time but these go unnoticed in the crevices of our character. The Glass Kitchen and Johnnies were popular hangouts. The Joy theater, Saenger? and Strand theaters were places we dated and the drive-in by the arch and the end of Clay street was the place for more serious sweethearts, innocent none the less by today's standards. We hung out in groups at the Martins, the Banchettis and the Wilsons just to name a few. We lived with each other for twelve years supporting each other and ,yes, at times we were merciless in our teasing. I wish ,Gordon, you could have been there; I know without a doubt you would have enjoyed our respect and love. It saddens me to hear that you are in a wheel chair. Bill, you know we teased you too much as well.

That walker did nothing to dim the spirit of Roy and his beloved, Katherine. Look around at all the magnificent couples we have represented in our class, the very epitome of marriage between a man and a woman. We have well over two hundred children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Where were you when the lights went out? The faith formation in our homes, the first Tabernacle of God, and in our religious education was prescient to the challenges we would face in our lives. A few of the challenges were war, racism, civil disobedience, death of a spouse and the worst of all, the death of a child. No one should have to bear that pain. Walter out did himself with a masters in theology from Spring Hill College in2004. My theology degree was obtained in a car with Father Glynn on the way to Edwards and my reward was a magnificent breakfast and a true sense of Christian community without the palpable visceral fear that must have been present in the catacombs. My remembrance of Spring Hill College, however, is quite different from Walter's. My daughter, Kristen, selected this college after high school. She mentioned some female to male ratio that was quite appealing to her. This was a fine Jesuit school with a course in sailing and a golf course on campus which was plainly visible as one entered the main gate. Two months into the semester I received a phone call from the Dean of Students. Kristen had been caught smoking pot at midnight with some other boys and girls on the first hole of the golf course as you entered the gate of the university., Sometimes you just can't fix stupid. I don't mean smoking the pot. I mean using flashlights to see how to role the reefer. I owned her from then on.

Dr. Mildred Jefferson has been the President of the National Right To Life Movement since I can remember. She is a wonderful black Protestant Ob-Gyn doctor who knows the cost of abortion spiritually and emotionally and physically. In her last letter to me she sees our cause reduced to the primitive conflict of good versus evil not just abortion versus life. I painted for you a wanton disregard for all life globally, nationally, in our civil society, in our families and in our core being. The Freedom of Choice Act will wipe out thirty-six years of regulations and advancement of the right to life movement to include varying regulations depending on the state on parental notification and the ban of partial birth abortion among many other important statues as I outlined at the banquet. The most recent slap in the face by Mr. Obama is the appointment of Gov. Sebelius of Kansas as secretary of Home and Human Services Department. She is a professed Catholic who honored Dr. Tiller the "killer" in the Kansas statehouse. His specialty is late term or partial birth abortion for five thousand dollars.

I am on my knees begging and praying that my classmates will take up the cause and help defeat the Freedom of Choice Act whenever it is advanced and it will be in spite of what was said at last night's news conference. I challenge you to go to the website "Priests For Life"under Father Frank Pavone's guidance and "The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform" and look at the face of abortion and you will join me on your knees. We must stop killing the Lord God's children!

Marian and committee, kudos, for you exceeded your own aspirations. You folks provided an atmosphere of conviviality and libations and sustenance fit for royalty as well as for the fine folks who actually enjoyed them. Louis's slide show was entertaining and revealing and a reminder of a simpler, innocent time of first loves, Red Top dances and Friday night football games. Does anybody remember who was Homecoming Queen? Growing old doesn't bother me. It's the growing up that's the pits!!! Stay vertical til we meet again. No dirt naps!!! Semper Fi!

I love you guys,

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john hosemann said...

hello eddie habert

what a great thank you and a deeply thoughtful underclassmen always respected your leadership and knew you were headed for good things...we were right in our assessment...we especially respected you when you knocked us on our kister...sometimes after the whistle blew...part of our character preparation for the unexpected things in life...i am 67 years old now retired from my career as chief economist for the american farm bureau federation... we raise quarter horses and grassfed beef and our grandson at our farm in southwest wisconsin.six miles from the banks of the mississippi river..cheryl and i raised three children...son eric and daughters robin and sharyn...we are immensely proud of them and they are all doing well...i reflect on my days at st al often and as a parttime substitute teacher cannot believe what some kids...ones i refer to as the sons and daughters of the secular pop culture...get away with...thank God for the slaps in the back of the head by the brothers when we deserved them...i also reflect on the simple rules our parents had that guided our personal responsibility and this one...'if you get in trouble at school you will be in trouble at home...they always took the side of our teachers...

i hope that the class of 1960 reunion is as successful as yours was...but our numbers are substantially reduced...eight of our classmates are now deceased...

i wish you continued success and God bless you for your work on abortion...

all the best
john hosemann

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