Class of 1959

We, the Class of 1959, celebrated our 50th class reunion on April 24 and 25, 2009. This blog is about sharing memories of our class reunions and a long ago life at our Alma Mater's, S.F.X.A. and S.A.H.S. Good memories of days gone by but not forgotten! A gift to my classmates. ~Marian Love Phillips ~

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Spotlight of Junior High

Attention all cupids! Lucy C., Sandra J., Kathy B., and Susan T. have been stolen! It seems, it all happened at a slumber party at the "Towne House" on Friday, April sixth.

Still monopolizing the seventh and eighth grade at S. A. H. S. is Patty H. with a certain seventh grade boy whose initials are D.S., one of her most ardent admirers. I wonder if I should talk to her.

Everybody went to the Senior Play. There is Carol K. with an adorable pink and white dress and matching pink duster. Judy J. wore a beautiful blue dress. Ethel Towne looked lovely in a pink dress. Looking their best were the Juniors attired in beautiful formals. The Junior boys didn't look so bad either.

The seventh grade is busily planning for the eighth grade graduation party and from the looks of things it's going to be a "Humdinger"! We're going to miss the eighth grade and their loud mouths. They seem real happy over going, through. I don't know if they want to get away from the seventh grade, Sister Ethelbert, or both.

We're glad to hear that Helen M. is out of the Hospital. She is back to digging homework, again.

Well, I see by the old clock on the wall that it's time to cram more personal pronouns into my feeble mind.

See you next issue!!!!!!!!! (Written by Susan Taylor) (Taken from 1956 Maryon)

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